Hippo Day– Hip, Hip, Hooray

Ah, hippos. The world’s least graceful-looking creatures and the possibly one of the most tempting to give a giant hug. However, don’t be fooled, underneath their blubberous exterior lies an aggressive animal capable of hurting or killing other animals.

A Bit ‘O Hippo Trivia

Image via Flickr by laurenz


Despite their gnarly appearance, hippos are strict herbivores, meaning they only munch on plants. And though hippos love wading in water, they can’t swim. Seriously. Their blubber is what keeps them buoyant, says Saint Louis Zoo. Everything you thought you knew about hippos is wrong.

Despite their terrifying yawns, hippos need to be kept around. Why?  Tiny microogranisms feed on their poo, and bigger organisms eat those microorganisms. Maybe we should call them hipoos.

In short, hippos are important to  the ecosystem because, you know, science. Thanks hippos.


Where Did Hippo Day Come From?

Image Via Flickr rosefirerising

Rumor has it that Hippo Day came from a majority of an online society called SecondLife agreeing on a day to celebrate a digital hippo who freed the gnomes. What does this mean? I have no idea. Glamorous? No. But one things for sure, hippos deserve a dedicated holiday, so I’m not complaining.


How to Hail the Hippos

1. Like the Facebook page I ❤ Hippos

2. Make a new Facebook page dedicated to your love of hippos, because the above one only has 89 likes, and that’s sad.

3. Yawn really big to show your molars and make sounds you think hippos make. Maybe like a “rahHHhHWahAHWHrAR.”

4. Take a mud bath.

Image via Flickr by Mike Legend

5. Watch someone feed and massage a hippo in their own home, just don’t try this at home.

6. Say hippopotamus  5 times fast.

7. Create a professional Hungry Hungry Hippos league in your town.

7.5 Make Hungry Hippo Costumes in your favorite color.

Image via Flickr by Timefortea3


Happy Daycation!






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