National Drink Wine Day– Wine enthusiasts… Unite!

When I was little, wine was the quintessential grown-up party beverage people drank at birthdays, weddings, and holidays. It was a mysterious liquid that made people friendlier, and it made them giggle. Sometimes it made the grown-ups stumble. Still, I associated wine with an excerpt of classy fifties behavior, as opposed to the drunkards I witnessed throwing back Budweiser on the beach.

When I was too young to try it, my friends and I found a jug of cheap pre-made Sangria and took turns taking “shots” of it and gagging at the fowl, alien taste. Of course, Sangria shots failed to get us buzzed, and I put it aside for five or six years.

Today, it’s my drink of choice for any occasion. Wine lends a warm, fuzzy feeling across my bones and makes my skin tingle and my lips curl. It’s like Xanax, but legal without a prescription. Wine, I salute you. I salute you for giving me courage to talk to strangers at parties, and post break-up comfort in the company of horrible Rom Coms and tubs of vegan ice-cream.


Drink Wine Day’s Lineage

Who knows. And who cares? Today’s another excuse to drink wine, and that’s beautiful.


How to Celebrate Drink Wine Day

1. Drink wine (I bet you didn’t see that coming.)

Image via Flickr by derekGavey

2. Host a wine-tasting party for your friends and family. Or, just cut the crap and throw a party.

3. Mark the date for a course in professional wine tasting. Groupon usually has multiple deals going on at once for your wine-tasting pleasure.

Image via Flickr by acme


4. Whine about not drinking wine if you’re at work.

5. Make your own wine! (Disclaimer: this is one patchy recipe; produce at your own will…)

6. Create your own wine rack and cross your fingers that gum and paperclip combo holds it up.

7. Subscribe to the Wine Enthusiast magazine. Even if you don’t read them, you can lay them out across your coffee table and your friends will think you’re a hoity-toity wine connoisseur.

8. Trust me, you’ll need this after today.

9. Spin your wine acround gracefully, take a gentle whiff, and exclaim to your friends you sense a “grape-like” odor.

10. Turn your alcoholism into art by crafting a DIY wine cork board– chic AND functional.

Image via Flickr by djwtwo



Happy Daycation!

What’s your favorite wine?



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