Prevent Plagiarism Day

Happy prevent plagiarism day, the only day dedicated to preventing theft of your proprietary string of words! Before the dawn of computers, plagiarizing took skill. Not only did you have to physically steal someone’s work, but you’d have to recreate it by hand…or maybe you just scratched out the author’s name and wrote yours with a similar bird feather.

But today, plagiarism is simple. Open up a new tab on your computer, and with a few clicks you can copy and paste someone’s work. If you’re feeling frisky, you might change out a word or two. Let’s face it, plagiarism is lowly. Plagiarism is for slothful humans that can’t think independently.

Let’s firm this up: Sloths are cute, plagiarism is not.

The Parentage of Prevent Plagiarism Day

Image via Flickr by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

The Examiner says it was Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, a freelance writer and a newspaper columnist, who created the holiday after coming across many of her works being published by other authors without her permission.

The Consequences of Plagiarizing

Plagiarism can feel elementary in ease, and therefore might seem like it’s not such a big deal. But, it is.

If you’re a student, plagiarizing can conjure up some serious consequences that will haunt you for the rest of your academic career.

If you’re a professional, your reputation will be ruined. How can someone take you seriously if you have a history of stealing ideas or, worse, someone else’s work?

There are even times when plagiarism can be a criminal offense. Copyright laws are real, and they aren’t taken lightly. It’s easy to plagiarize, but it’s even easier not to.

How to Partake in Prevent Plagiarism Day

1. Take an online plagiarism quiz  to test your knowledge on what’s theft, and what’s not.

2. Create something from scratch. Using nothing but your noggin, write a poem, a script, or a song.

3. Browse this list of famous plagiarists and vow not to have your name added.

4. Watch this video and let the nightmares commence. Sorry, not sorry.

5. Get down with the goblins and defeat plagiarism.

6. Make your own anti-plagiarism rap and claim your YouTube fame.

Image via Flickr by alasam

7. Name your cat Copy, and tell him, “No, Copycat, no.”

8. Think of something better, because I’m on a time-crunch. I have original articles to write, and I’m no Plagiarizing Pete.

Happy Daycation!





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